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Welcome to Millennia Lash, where beauty meets convenience! Step into a world of captivating, irresistible lashes that are designed specifically for the modern-day globetrotter. Our meticulously curated lash kits are the perfect travel companions, ensuring you look effortlessly stunning wherever your adventure takes you. Crafted with the highest quality materials and expertly designed to enhance your natural beauty, our lash kits provide you with the ultimate in comfort, durability, and ease of application. They last for 5-7 days and are also re-usable. Did I mention you can get them wet? Yep! Just layer on a little more glue if you plan on getting in the water! Get ready to elevate your lash game while on the go, because Millennia Lash has got your jet-set style covered. 

Millennia Lash
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The technique
By applying these gorgeous, wispy & weightless lashes to the underneath of you natural lash, you create the most seamless, at-home professional look you could have ever possibly dreamed of. Our glue is fast drying and flexible, ideal for giving you a perfect hold onto the lash for 5-7 days, sometimes more.

Start by carefully removing one side of lashes from the tray. Each set includes enough segments for both eyes. Apply a decent amount of Millennia Lash glue (included in kit) to each segmented piece. Once all pieces have been glued, glue should be tacky and ready to apply! Starting with the outside corner of your eye, carefully place the first segment underneath of you natural lash (not your lash line) right at the root of your lashes. Should stick immediately! Gently push the segmented lash into your natural lash to secure its spot. Repeat process with remaining segmented lashes, working your way towards the inner corner of your eye. Then repeat with the other eye! And that's it! With a little practice, you'll be a pro at applying your Millennia Lashes in no time.
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